Thursday, October 28, 2010

Political Dynasty here in Philippines

Here in Philippines Political Dynasty is a common practice, from the highest to the lowest position in government even in schools Political Dynasty exists. Politicians who tend to hold on to power put their siblings or relatives in the position where they vacated.

Political Dynasty has long been existing since mediaeval times in countries like China, Ancient Egypt and the Persian Empire. Dynasty is, generally understood as a lineage of hereditary succession to an essentially same position. Family members follow one another to the position, they take turns on official political positions in the government

There is a law in the Philippines that prohibits Political Dynasty. In Constitution, Article II Section 26, which states, "The State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service, and prohibit political dynasties as may define by law." but it is also the most ignored by Congress for some obvious reasons, for their own personal gains. Just Like Jueteng, Political dynasty is wrong but is very well accepted by the Philippine society.

Political Dynasty isn't that bad as we all know, it has its advantages and disadvantages one advantage of this is, if the said politician has a good track record or actually serve his constituents well at the same  time his siblings or his family members followed suite in the said field, the disadvantages of the political dynasty is when the politician tend to use the position or power for his personal gains like emptying the coffer of the tax payers money and by putting people who is close to him in a certain positions in government institutions not because of their capability, knowledge and experience for the said jobs.

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